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Awards Ceremony

20/05/2016 latvia
Author: Līga Lakuča
Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

On May 13 in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia  an awards ceremony was held, marking the 26th anniversary of Restoration of Independence of Latvia. During the event people from Ministry of Defence, its subordinated institutions and Latvian National armed forces were awarded.

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Péter Snoj, Photo: Veronika Dévényi - They Have Earned Esteem

They Have Earned Esteem
“To us, service of the nation means the same as the service of mankind, since our highest aim cannot be anything else but to protect life and peace, the fundamental rights of mankind. In this spirit, we support NATO, our Alliance through our service, professional experience, work and resources” – said Tamás Vargha, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Deputy Minister in a speech delivered on the HDF 59th “Dezső Szentgyörgyi” Air Base on 18 January. 


EMPA Congress 2016

EMPA Congress 2016

24/02/2016 norway
Karl-Heinz Leitner
„Norwegian Defence into a New Era“
Norway is the host for the congress and general meeting 2016 of the European Military Press Association.
European Military Journalists Meet in Berlin

European Military Journalists Meet in Berlin

27/11/2015 austria, empa, hungary
István Zsalakó
The European Military Press Association (EMPA) held its annual congress in Berlin this year. With the end of a four-year term of office, the association – with several Hungarian military journalists among its members – elected a new president and Board members as well. The event took place on the 25th anniversary of the German reunification.
Freedom for the Baltic States: Baltic Graffiti on the Berlin Wall

Freedom for the Baltic States: Baltic Graffiti on the Berlin Wall

23/09/2015 latvia
Kārlis Dambītis, Exposition Curator of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia
The exhibition “Freedom of the Baltic States: Baltic Graffiti on the Berlin Wall” is open to visitors at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia permanent location at Latviešu strēlnieku laukums 1. The exhibition contains more than 100 photos of the Berlin Wall from the last years of its existence when it was regularly visited by the Latvian youth living in exile to leave their messages demanding the independence for the Baltic States. Latvian diplomat Pēteris Kārlis Elferts, the initiator of this exhibition was also among those young people who had launched the Berlin Wall graffiti drawing campaign.
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